Residential Design

The extremely efficient and creative team at Interior have worked hard to bring us in the list of top commercal interior design companies in usa, especially Newyork. We produce commercial interior designs for all kinds of projects.

From the creation of concepts to space planning leading to solutions, we take care of everything. Generate the most creative ideas and brands hence adding value to each interaction.

Our experts let you choose best among all hence making your space look the most stunning & desirable amoung all.

We value our clients and are always available at your service for any kind of commercial interior design services.


Below are the service we provide .

  • Architecture.
  • Interior (Turnkey Consultancy & Execution).
  • Urban Design.
  • Turnkey Consultancy.
    1. Structural
    2. MEP (Mechanical , Electrical, Plumbing).
    3. Landscape.

Stages of Work
(We work in different stages as mentioned below)

Conceptual Design

Preliminary meeting with the Client to determine the requirement of the project as a whole, as well as the detailed scope of work for the project. Acquaint the Client with the conditions of engagement, thumb-rule estimate and the scale of professional charges and finalize the agreement. Site Visit in order to evaluate and analyze the site. Appoint a topographical surveyor to give a detailed survey plan of the site. Examine legislation, codes and standards as they affect the project. Inform the Client on the selection and appointment by the Architect, of soil surveyors and consulting engineers if any are required. Conduct sub-soil testing and investigations as required.

Schematic Design

Final scheme drawings incorporating subsequent revisions to the earlier sketches to satisfy the Client that their requirements will be fulfilled. Study model to suitable scale or 3-dimensional views to explain the scheme.( If required Architects’ schedule of work. To be drawn up after the Client’s approval of the sketch design. Appointment of Consultants after discussion with the Client.

General Arrangement Drawings

Provide the Consultants with all the necessary information to allow them to perform their specialist work. Conduct and co-ordinate Consultants meetings, periodically as required. Incorporate the relevant details required for the drawings for the tendering stage. Solicit bids for the execution of the project on behalf of the Client from the short listed Contractors.
Analyze and report the results of the various bids obtained and make recommendations to the Client to assist in the final selection of the Contractor.Supply to the Contractors, sufficient copies of the drawings and other contract documents to enable him to properly quote for the said work.

Working Drawings

Prepare (with the help of Consultants, if necessary) complete drawings, schedules, specifications and bill of quantities to describe the whole project adequately for the purpose of executing the project.Get the Client’s approval for all materials and finishes.

Site Coordination & Execution

Ensure that the Contractors appoint site supervisory staff, as may be required to provide supervision and check that the work is carried out strictly in accordance with the working drawings and specifications. Ensure that a site instructions notebook is maintained by the Contractors in triplicate Advise the Client on the progress and quality of work and advise the Clients if the total of authorized expenditure and contract time is likely to be exceeded. Issue variation orders on behalf of the Client, and / or if changes are necessary for any technical reason. To ensure that all billed quantities are entered into the measurement book maintained by the Contractors. To ensure that the Contractor attaches a copy pf the measurement book along with the interim bill.

Being one of the youngest and upcoming design team in South India, you can work with us from anywhere!